Liñiou Faté: The Forgotten Ones
Jul 2

Liñiou Faté: The Forgotten Ones

  • San Telmo museum

Bibendum (the original name of the Michelin Man) has crossed borders to reach all points of the planet, such as sub-Saharan Africa, where it is used, as in so many other places, to indicate the presence of workshops for the repair and replacement of punctured tyres. This exhibition shows the creativity around the icon of Bibendum, through photographs, videos and original objects.

From Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-20:00

Free admission

Jazz Festival
Jul 25

Jazz Festival

At the height of summer, in San Sebastian, all the street corners are filled with the sound of jazz. One of the oldest European jazz festivals, ‘Jazzaldia’, (nowadays with an added sponsor title Heineken) is held here annually and is internationally renowned. Famous (and some not so famous) bands from Europe, Asia, Africa and America perform in many, sometimes unexpected, places in the city. Among others is the ‘Plaza Trinidad’, a stage in the heart of the old town at the foot of Mount Urgul, where the festival was launched in 1966. Natural acoustics can be experienced here. This is what makes this spot the most romantic of the festival. The glass cubes of the expo center Kursal with its adjoining terrace and Zuriola beach, is a very spacious area where people can come with their families and friends. The magical patio of San Telmo museum (an architectural masterpiece of the 16th century) is a must to visit at night. Here, you can usually attend concerts with sophisticated Scandinavian experimentalists. The famous stage of the Victoria Eugenia Theater features professional musicians.

Santo Tomás
8:00 am08:00

Santo Tomás

In the nineteenth century, farmers from Guipuzcoa province were coming to San Sebastian to sell farm produce and home products and to enjoy shopping in the city. Nowdays city residents dress up in costumes and walk around town drinking cider with chistora – a  favorite produce of local farmers. Adhering to the tradition, on December 21, on Constitution Plaza appear sheep, pigs, homemade cheeses, bread, pastries and a lot of cider.

Magic Kings parade
11:00 am11:00

Magic Kings parade

Spanish winter holidays start on Christmas eve and end with fairy kings parade - an important Catholic ritual that symbolizes the journey of the Magi from all over the world to Jerusalem to present gifts for a newborn Jesus.  A ritual that nowadays is very similar to Santa Claus’s visit on Christmas eve. Biblical characters kings Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar represent three generations of men, moving from three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) on camels with presents to Jesus. Back then kings gifted gold, frankincense and myrrh, but children nowadays make their wish lists with more relevant gifts.  They leave milk for kings and even cookies for camels before going to bed. Upon arrival to the city, the kings throw candies and children respond the same.

The so-called "royal ring" (Roscón de Reyes) decorated with "treasures" made of succade is an important holiday treat. Inside the round dough-rolls, filled with whipped cream or cream, is a hidden figure of a king and whoever gets this figure will be happy in the new year, and yet must pay for everyone's treats.

Jan 20


Tamborrada or San Sebastian Day is held on January 20th, and this year it coincides with the official opening of San Sebastian as a European Capital of Culture 2016. The opening ceremony will take place at midnight on January 19th, when a president of gastronomic community Gaztelubide will raise the flag of the city at the Constitution Square.  City residents celebrate the day of the patron saint for more than 150 years with a 24 hour parade of drummers in costumes and brass bands. A week before the parade, streets are filled with the loud sounds of rehearsing drums. The procession involves members of gastronomic communities with centuries of combined history, therefore; one cannot accidentally end up among the drummers.  Kids Tamborrada takes place on the same day and can only be cancelled due to bad weather, which could, certainly, be the biggest disappointment of the year for children. Since Tamborrada is a favorite holiday for the residents of San Sebastian - every donostiarran feels honored to participate in it.
2017-01-20 00:00 - The raising of the flag (Location: Constitution Square )
2017-01-20 12:00 - Children’s tamborrada (Location: Alderdi Eder )
2017-01-2100:00 - Lowering of the flag (Location: Constitution Square )

Feb 27


The carnival procession moves through the whole province and will reach its peak on Saturday in San Sebastian. Song performances, dedicated to the goddess Momo, will take place in Londres hotel; and a major parade, which fills the streets of the city, will begin at 17:00.


17.31. Costume creation workshop in the Amara haurtxoko.

17.31 Costume contest and party in the haurtxokos of Bidebieta and Intxaurrondo.

18.01 Celebrating the carnival in the haurtxoko of Martutene.

18.01. Face makeup workshop in the gazteleku of Amara and Aiete, and carnival masks in the Intxaurrondo.

18.01 Party of disguises in the gazteleku of Bidebieta, Egia and Gros.

18.01 Carnival of Amara Berri. 'Safari by Amara Berri'. Children's Costume Contest at the front of the C.C. Arcco.

18.31. Accompanying the goddess Momo from the Hotel of London. Kalejira multitudinaria with the txaranga 'The Joselontxo's' from the hotel of London, passing through the center and ending in the Koldo Mitxelena.

18.31 Departure of the group of the Babies of the Bull from the street Euskal Herria.

19.01. Presentation of the groups. Departure from the street Urdaneta (Koldo Mitxelena).

20.01. Comparsa of barnacles, hand in hand with the Artisan Union. Departure from Aldamar street.

22.01. Exhibition of the comparsa 'Thamessis' in the field of fulbito.


17:01First Parade
Route: Boulevard - Hernani - avda de la Libertad - Urbieta - Prim - Bergara - Idiakez - plaza Gipuzkoa - Legazpi - Boulevard


17:01Second Parade
Route: Boulevard - Hernani - avda de la Libertad - Urbieta - Prim - Bergara - Idiakez - plaza Gipuzkoa - Legazpi - Boulevard


19:31 Burial of the Sardine

Parade with the participation of carnival crowd devils, widows and other characters. You will also see Txarangas Los Pasai, The Tireless and the special Les Rodjes Macrâles de Liege (The Red Witches of Liege).

Route: pl. Bilbao, Getaria, Txurruka, pl. Gipuzkoa, Elkano, Boulevard, Alderdi Eder.

  ... and at the end of the party, at 20:01 BURNING THE SARDINE in Alderdi Eder.


'The Brigde of Coexistence' show
8:00 pm20:00

'The Brigde of Coexistence' show

  • Maria Cristina bridge

Among the many events that have been scheduled to start off San Sebastian 2016, the main event, that will take place the 23rd January, has been created and directed by Hansel Cereza. The public is invited to congregate in the surroundings of the María Cristina Bridge to enjoy the performance and take part in the building of the bridge of co-existence, an ephemeral bridge of values, intentions and dreams to be developed throughout the year.