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Bar zumeltzegi

Zumeltzegi is a bar with a contemporary cozy design and a long history (it's been around for 35 years).  They offer familiar Basque pintxos, with an interesting presentation, which still retain the main characteristics of all San Sebastian mini-sandwiches, namely being majestically made of quality local products. Their local hits are brochette-style pintxos. Try all the options: chicken, meat, monk fish, prawns with mushrooms and a mixture of squid, ham and peppers. The bar also has a restaurant with a perfect interior for a Saturday dinner.
Address: Fermin Calbeton , 15
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whiskey museum bar

Whiskey Museum has one of the largest collections of whiskeys in the world (as surprising as it may sound), low-key atmosphere and a charismatic owner - Paul Bordonaba, who entertains guests with jokes, games and mixes cocktails. He got the passion for the whiskey from his father, who began gathering collection in 1964 that has grown to such a grand scale. The bar displays 3,400 bottles among which there is the smallest bottle in the world and 200 bottles available for consumption. Those who drink with a particular zeal, yet could still play a piano located on the ground floor – are awarded a Guest of honor certificate.
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Pukas surf school

The main tourist attraction in San Sebastian, besides gastronomy, is surfing. Though it is a year-round activity (keep in mind that the cool Atlantic always involves a wetsuit) beaches become very crowded in a summer season.  Zuriola beach is located outside of calm San Sebastian bay, so there are always good waves and plenty of surfers. On the same beach you will find renowned school in the city - Pukas Surf School, which is famous for its convenient location, very charming and skilled instructors and full range surf gear for rent or sale.
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